Stephanie Schleicher is a freelance filmmaker/editor with over twenty years of experience teaching young people how to harness their creative power.  She has taught film, animation and editing at the Pelham Picture House, Jacob Burns Media Arts Lab, French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, Pelham Art Center, Croton Academy of Arts, the MidWestchester JCC, George Fischer Middle School in Carmel, Camp Wilbur Herrlich in Patterson and Katonah Art Center, among others.  She has served as Artist-in-Residence at numerous public schools and summer camps, exploring everything from silent movies about immigration to documentaries about presidential elections.  She also works as a freelance videographer/editor and continues to produce and direct her own short independent films, which have appeared in many festivals.  She holds a BA in Film Studies from NYC’s Fordham College at Lincoln Center.  There, she founded the university’s first student film festival, which endures to this day.

“Media literacy could not be more important in our times.  When students realize that every shot they have ever seen is the result of someone’s CHOICES, they transform from consumers into creators.”

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